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Shear Controls

Compact and complete control for shearing machines

The DAC-360 control provides a complete solution for shearing machines. It includes the control of backgauge, cutting angle, stroke length and gap, based on state of the art electronics.

Beside backgauge control, the DAC-360 automatically calculates the required setting for the cutting angle and gap depending on material properties and thickness. The stroke length is limited for minimal production time and related to the material length to cut.

The backgauge control supports servo control, two-speed AC control as well axes unipolar control. Depending on the application you can select either two side positioning or single side positioning with spindle fault correction.

Full pressure control for clamping and cutting is on board the DAC-360. With its bright LCD screen a clear and easy operation is offered. The numerical programming is user-friendly and guides the operator through the programming possibilities.


  • Panel based housing
  • Bright LCD screen
  • Backgauge control
  • Retract function
  • Cutting angle control
  • Cutting gap control
  • Stroke length limitation
  • Manual movement of axes
  • Force control

Technical Specifications


  • Program library
  • Millimetres / inches
  • Power-down memorization
  • Machine hour counter
  • Stroke counter


  • Panel-based, vertical housing
  • Dimensions: 189 x 257 x 44 mm


  • Stroke: 0 - 9,999.99 mm
  • Retract: 0 - 99,999.99 mm
  • Correction: 0 - 9,999.99 mm
  • Retract programmable
  • Simultaneous axes movement
  • Manual movement of axes

Force control

  • Clamping force
  • Cutting force

Programming functions

  • Numerical program setup
  • Backgauge position
  • Retract function
  • Angle programming
  • Gap programming
  • Stroke length
  • Step repetition
  • Material types
  • Thickness
  • Stock counter
  • Sheet position
  • Axis speed

Computed functions

  • Angle, gap and stroke length computation
  • Force (clamping / cutting)

Integrated functions

  • Diagnostic mode
  • Service mode

Axis control

  • +/- 10V for servo control
  • 2-speed control for AC motors
  • Unipolar control including direction outputs (frequency inverter operation)

Digital Inputs/Outputs

  • Flexible I/O configuration
  • Optp-isolated I/O


  • Encoder interface: 5V or 12V single or differential ended
  • Max. encoder frequency: 1 MHz
  • RS-232 interface


  • Operator selectable dialogue languages
  • Offline software for backup/restore of parameters and programs

Product Configuration


  • 4.7" monochrome LCD
  • High-quality foil cover with integrated membrane switches
  • Program memory of up to 100 programs
  • Up to 25 steps per program

Available product models

  • DAC-360

Ordering Information

Please call 905-681-1580 to order parts and software. You may also send an email to

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