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Pressbrake Controls - Touch Series

DA-Touch series - 3D graphical control for CNC press brakes

The new generation DA-Touch controls offers an even higher grade of efficiency in programming, operation and control of today’s press brakes. Ease of use combined with state-of-the-art technology go hand in hand, improving productivity.

The touch screen gives access to the proven Delem user-interface and enables direct navigation between programming and production. Functions are directly located where you need them, offering optimised ergonomics throughout them application.

The DA-69T offers 2D as well as 3D programming that includes automatic bend sequence calculation and collision detection. Full 3D machine set-up with multiple tool stations giving true feedback on the product feasibility and handling.

Highly effective control algorithms optimise the machine cycle and minimise set-up time. This makes using press brakes easier, more efficient and more versatile then ever.

The OEM-panel located above the screen, reserved for machine functions and OEMapplication switches, is integrated in the design and can be used depending the required application.


  • 3D and 2D graphical touch screen programming mode
  • 3D visualisation in simulation and production
  • 17" high resolution colour TFT
  • Full Windows application suite
  • Delem Modusys compatibility (module scalability and adaptivity)
  • USB, peripheral interfacing
  • Open system architecture
  • Sensor bending and correction interface

Technical Specifications


  • Real-time embedded Windows® OS
  • Multitasking environment
  • Instant Shut Off
  • Delem Modusys compatible

Electrical / interfacing

  • Power supply: 24V
  • Modusys HSB bus
  • RS232 port (2x)
  • Network interface (100Mb/10Mb)
  • USB port (2x)
  • SafetyPLC interfacing
  • Protractor interfacing
  • Angle control interfacing


  • Servo / 2-speed AC control
  • Unipolar / frequency inverter control
  • Direct pressure valve control
  • Direct proportional valve Y1, Y2 control
  • Direct crowning control
  • Multiple digital function outputs
  • Tandem operation

Programming functions

  • Alphanumeric product naming
  • 2D/3D real-scale product programming and visualisation
  • Automatic bend sequence calculation
  • Easy graphical bend sequence swap and move
  • Hemmed products programming
  • One page programming table
  • Graphical product and tool selection
  • Programmable material properties
  • Programmable axis speed
  • Free material programming
  • Product and tool search filter
  • Millimetres / Inches
  • kN / Ton selection
  • Stock counter
  • Product notes


  • Graphical tool configuration
  • Multiple tool station set-ups
  • Tool segmentation visualisation
  • Alphanumeric tool identification
  • Free graphical tool programming
  • Hemming tools
  • Radius tools
  • Tool adapter support

Computed functions

  • Tooling safety zones
  • Press force
  • Bend allowance
  • Crowning adjustment
  • Developed length
  • Bottoming force
  • Hemming force
  • Auto bumping calculation
  • Radius programming
  • Bend allowance table
  • Learned angle correction database


  • "Teach in" on all axes
  • Handwheel movement of all axes
  • Operator selectable dialogue languages
  • Integrated help functions
  • Error messaging system
  • Diagnostic program
  • Internet Explorer (web browser)
  • Remote diagnosis
  • User-specific applications support
  • Machine time + stroke counter
  • On board Analysis Tool
  • Sequencer functionality (PLC)

Product Configuration


  • Colour LCD display
  • 17” TFT, high brightness
  • 1280 x 1024 pixels, 32 bit colour
  • Full touch screen control (IR-touch)
  • Storage capacity: 2 GB
  • 3D graphics acceleration
  • Standard Windows® networking
  • Emergency switch
  • Integrated OEM panel
  • USB flash memory drive

Field options

  • Part support control
  • X1-X2 angle programming
  • Barcode reader interfacing
  • Protractor interfacing
  • Frame deflection compensation
  • Sensor bending and correction interface
  • Sheet thickness measurement and compensation system

Available product models

  • DA-69T

Ordering Information

Please call 905-681-1580 to order parts and software. You may also send an email to

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