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Pressbrake Controls - Windows Touch Series

DAonWindows range: 2D graphical controller for retrofitting hydraulic press brakes

The Delem retrofit solution is based on the current DAonWindows system. This user-friendly system, with its self-learning databases and graphicalprogramming facilities that include automatic bend sequence calculation and collision detection, makes controlling press brakes easier and more versatile then ever.

Housed in a tough and sturdy cabinet, the control continues to use Delem’s familiar and intuitive user interface, which is displayed on the standard color LCD (TFT) screen.

Windows® networking allows easy integration with your production network so that the controller can be accessed from anywhere in the network and product data can be stored at the desired network locations.

Analysis Tool and Remote Diagnostics functions let you analyze machine behavior and vital parameters at any time.


  • 2D graphical programming
  • 10.4” TFT color display
  • Full Windows suite
  • Integrated OEM panel
  • USB keyboard and mouse interface
  • Pin compatible with earlier DA controls
  • Retrofit solution based on current components

Technical Specifications


  • Real-time embedded Windows® OS
  • Stable, multitasking environment
  • Instant Shut Off
  • Delem Modusys compatible
  • External connection of USB keyboard, mouse
  • Structured program storage
  • Program number, 7 digits
  • Drawing number, 20 digits alphanumeric
  • Program repeat: 9,999 max.
  • Step number: 99 max.
  • Step repeat: 99 max.
  • Millimeters / Inches
  • kN / Ton selection
  • Machine time + stroke counter
  • Squencer functionality (PLC)
  • Tandem operation

Programming functions

  • 2D programming and visualization
  • Easy graphical bend sequence swap and move
  • One page programming table + squence swap
  • Graphical product and tool selection
  • Free material programming
  • Free programmable tools

Computed functions

  • Tooling safety zones
  • Press force
  • Bend allowance
  • Crowning adjustment
  • Developed length
  • Bottoming force
  • Auto bumping calculation
  • "Lay-on" support backgauge
  • Learned bend allowance table
  • Angle correction database


  • Modem support
  • DNC-RS 232C, bi-directional
  • HSB Modusys bus, up to 8 add-ons
  • Network interface (100 MB / 10MB)


  • Diagnostic program
  • Operator selectable dialogue languages
  • Help texts via online support
  • Error messaging system
  • Handwheel movement of all axes
  • "Teach-in" on Y and auxiliary axes

Enhanced functions

  • Word processor (WordPad)
  • Email client (POP3)
  • Internet Explorer (web browser)
  • Remote diagnosis
  • Analysis Tool
  • PDF Viewer
  • On screen keyboard

Product Configuration


  • Colour LCD display
  • 10” TFT, high brightness
  • 800 x 600 pixels, 16 bit
  • 600 MHz microprocessor
  • Memory capacity: 128 MB
  • Product and tools memory: 64 MB
  • Standard Windows® networking
  • Integrated OEM panel
  • USB flash memory drive

Field options

  • Part support control
  • X1-X2 angle programming
  • Barcode reader interface
  • USB floppy drive

Available product models

  • DA-56RE
  • DI-101 - add-on modules

Ordering Information

Please call 905-681-1580 to order parts and software. You may also send an email to

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