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Pressbrake Controls - DA-50 Series

Compact 4-axis color graphical CNC system for press brakes

The compact DA-56 provides easy CNC programming with the Delem 2D graphical product design tool. Machine adjustment and test bends are reduced to a minimum because of the quick and easy to use bend sequence determination tool.

The CNC program is generated with a one touch key stroke. You are ready to make the first part since all axes positions are automatically computed and the bend sequence has already been simulated on the screen with the machine and tools in real scale.

In the production mode of the DA-56 the operator can graphically simulate the bend process of the product guiding him during the press brake operation.

The basic machine control functions are Y1-Y2 and X axis, optionally a second back gauge axis can be used as R/Z or X2 axis. Also the crowning function is standard on board.

The CNC control is based on the latest technology giving flexibility to use. On board USB interfacing gives a fast product and tool backup medium.

With the color TFT LCD screen and the modern User Interface, the user has a clear and fast programming facility. Offline programming is possible with the DA-Offline solutions.


  • 2D graphical programming
  • 10.4” LCD TFT color display
  • Bend sequence determination
  • Developed length calculation
  • Crowning control
  • USB peripheral interfacing
  • Servo, frequency inverter and AC control
  • Advanced Y-axis control algorithms for closed-loop as well as open-loop valves

Technical Specifications


  • Design: aluminium edge
  • Housing: 560 x 331 x 148 mm
  • IP54
  • Weight: 11.2 kg (including housing)


  • Opto-isolated digital I/O
  • Encoder inputs (single / differential 5V/12V)
  • Optional integrated valve ampifier Y1, Y2
  • RS232 port
  • USB port
  • Network interface (100 Mb / 10 Mb)


  • Servo / 2-speed AC control
  • Unipolar / frequency inverter control
  • Direct pressure valve control
  • Direct proportional valve Y1, Y2 control (VA version)
  • Up to 5 digital function outputs
  • Tandem operation

Programming functions

  • 7-digit program number
  • 20-character drawing number
  • Stock counter (up to 9999)
  • Step repetition (up to 99)
  • Millimeter / Inch
  • Programmable axis speed per step
  • Programmable material properties
  • 2D product programming and visualization
  • Graphical bend sequence determination
  • Free collision check
  • Free programmable tools
  • Graphical tool programming

Backgauge configurations

  • X, R
  • X, Z
  • X1, X2
  • X, Z, RD

Computed functions

  • Tooling safety zones
  • Press force
  • Bend allowance
  • Crowning adjustment
  • Bottoming force
  • Angle correction database
  • Developed length
  • Auto bumping calculation


  • Diagnostic program
  • Sequencer functionality (PLC)
  • Error messaging system
  • On board analysis
  • Operator selectable dialogue languages
  • Help texts via online support

Product Configuration


  • Synchronised / conventional press brake control
  • Colour LCD display
  • 10.4” TFT, 800 x 600
  • 500 MHz processor
  • Memory capacity: 128 MB
  • Product memory: 32 MB
  • Tool library:
    • 30 punches
    • 60 dies
  • Data back-up / restore via USB
  • Power-down memorisation

Field options

  • Automatic bend sequence calculation
  • Windows® Networking

Factory options

  • Integrated valve amplifier

Available product models

  • DA-56 - CNC in robust housing

Ordering Information

Please call 905-681-1580 to order parts and software. You may also send an email to

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